Our Story

A proud Canadian company, a convenient Canadian creation.

Our Purpose

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Medallion Milk Co. has been providing milk storage solutions for over 50 years. Whether it's for baking, cooking and or just a tall cool glass on a hot day — families and organizations, such as senior citizen homes and hospitals, can stockpile their milk without worry of expiration. Taking up less space, offering a long shelf-life, and easily measured, Medallion Milk is a favourite ingredient in kitchens of all sizes.

Our Mission

Milk should be a part of everyone’s diet — it’s high in calcium, protein and vitamins — enjoy all of the nutritious goodness of fresh milk when you drink Medallion Milk. With convenient packaging, our powdered 100% Canadian milk is being sent to customers around the world. Bringing pure, fresh-tasting Canadian milk to communities who want the best, the safest, and most nutritious milk possible — that’s Medallion Milk, made with 100% milk and ONLY milk!

How We Do It

The key to our success is how we transform liquid milk into tiny, perfect crystals. Unlike instant milk which uses high temperatures, we use a low temperature evaporation technique that makes a superior powder form. When you reconstituted the powder over a longer period of time, you give the milk crystals a chance to fully reform back into liquid.

Buy delicious powdered milk products for you, your family, or your place of work. Powdered milk is so versatile you’ll love discovering new ways to enjoy it.

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