Medallion Milk Co., based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, services the milk needs of both commercial and retail customers. Our powdered milk tastes exactly like fresh milk, and can be used in multiple uses, such as baking, cooking and of course enjoying a tall glass on a hot day.

Over 50 years of experience has allowed us to perfect a proprietary technique that creates delicious tasting milk from a fine, crystal powder. The key to our success—and our mouth-watering milk—comes from these tiny, perfect crystals. Our process uses a low temperature, rather than instant milk which uses a high temperature. Our milk is reconstituted over a longer period of time, giving the milk crystals a chance to reform back to its liquid self.

A Proud Canadian Company

As a home-grown Manitoba company, Medallion Milk Co. prides itself on a Canadian product that is easy to use, has a long shelf time and is indistinguishable from fresh milk when reconstituted. Our goal is to provide individuals and families, and larger organizations, such as senior citizen homes and hospitals, with milk that can be stockpiled without worry of expiration.

Owners Adam Pankhurst and Susan Graham acquired Medallion Milk in July of 2012. Adam and Susan firmly believe this product is the best available, and want to give people and organizations across Canada – and internationally – the ability to bake, cook and enjoy milk on a regular basis. Milk should be part of everyone’s diets – it is high in calcium, protein and vitamins – all of which still remains in Medallion Milk’s powdered milk.