What’s in your survival food supply kit? Is it packed full of canned foods and distilled water? What about milk products? Before you stock up on instant milk, think about the benefits of purchasing Medallion Milk powdered milk instead.

There are a few big differences between instant milk and powdered milk – the first, and probably the most obvious, is the taste. Instant milk can be quite chalky, and usually needs to be mixed with something to be edible. The crystals in the milk hardly get time to settle, as it is made to be drunk right away. On the other hand, Medallion Milk powdered milk takes eight hours to create – this allows the fine crystals to dissolve completely, leaving you with a delicious cup of fresh, tasty milk.

When choosing items for emergency food supplies, nutrition is a key player. Medallion Milk powdered milk has all the vitamins and minerals as regular milk, ensuring you get all the fuel your body needs. One cup of reconstituted partly skimmed milk will provide you with 110 calories, in addition to 15% of your required Vitamin A, 30% calcium and 50% of your required Vitamin D.

Medallion Milk powdered milk is superb for anything you would use milk in; whether it be your morning coffee or cereal, baking, and of course a cool glass of milk after a long day of hard work. When it comes to disaster preparedness, taste does not have to be sacrificed for space or sake of long term food storage. One 1 kilogram bag of skim milk powder will last one year, unrefrigerated, and will make 10 litres of milk. Also, one 1 kilogram bag of whole milk powder will last nine months, unrefrigerated and will make 10 litres of milk. 

So when the time comes to fill your survival food supply kit, make sure that Medallion Milk powdered milk is one of the items you include.