There are many subtle differences between powdered milk and instant milk, but the main variation is the way powdered milk is made. Instant milk is exactly as its name suggests – instant. You add water to the milk, which “instantly” creates the milk product. On the other hand, once powdered milk is added to water, it needs at least eight hours to reconstitute.

Because powdered milk is given so much time to settle, the milk tastes much better and is virtually indistinguishable from fresh milk. As well, the crystals are extremely fine, allowing them to dissolve more completely. Instant milk has much rougher crystals, which can create a gritty texture if not dissolved properly. Even then, the milk loses a lot of the fresh taste that those who enjoy milk know and love.

Powdered milk keeps much more of the desirable vitamins and minerals that fresh milk does – a cup of powdered skim milk includes 25 per cent of your daily required Vitamin A, 4 per cent of Vitamin C, 30 per cent of calcium and 50 per cent of Vitamin D.

All in all, powdered milk tastes better than instant milk and is better for you.