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Food services / Powdered milk products for institutionsMedallion Milk has a wide selection of dry powdered milk products for Canadian hospitals, penal institutions, schools, universities, colleges, senior care home facilities, day cares, and sports camps. Institutions can greatly benefit by purchasing powdered milk products to save on refrigeration, warehouse and shipping costs.

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  1. SkimPlus 100 Skim Milk Powder

    SkimPlus 100

    SkimPlus 100 offers the nutrition and flavour of skim milk, all with improved solubility. With only 90 calories per one cup prepared, and 25 per cent of your daily Vitamin A and calcium, our SkimPlus 100 is superb for a refreshing glass of cold, delicious tasting milk, an addition for your coffee or cereal, or for use in baking. The fat in our SkimPlus 100 milk is only 0.1 gram, or 1 per cent of our suggested daily intake. Learn More
  2. Skim Milk Powder

    Skim Milk Powder

    Medallion Milk’s skim milk contains only 0.2 gram of fat (0.12 per cent butterfat) but all the tastiness and deliciousness of a great glass of milk. Prepared from Canadian pasteurized fresh milk, it has all the protein, vitamins and minerals needed for your diet, without much of the butterfat and most of the calories. Skim milk is excellent to drink on its own, when mixed with coffee or cereal, and of course can be used in baking. Learn More
  3. Whole Milk Powder Case - 32505 - 12 Bags x 500 g

    Whole Milk Powder

    Medallion Milk’s Whole Milk product is perfect for toddlers who no longer need baby formula but are not ready for adult beverages. It can also be used to enrich the diet of those with depleted appetites. Our Whole Milk has all the flavour and nutrition of farm fresh milk and 3.25 per cent butterfat when reconstituted. The milk can be enjoyed with your daily bowl of cereal or coffee, and used in many different recipes, including bread making and baking. Learn More
  4. Partly Skimmed Milk Powder - 32005  - Case of 8 x 2.5 kg Bags

    Partly Skimmed Milk Powder

    Medallion Milk’s partly skimmed milk supplies the delicious creamy taste of whole bulk but with fewer calories and only 1.1 per cent butterfat when reconstituted. This milk is perfect to drink on its own, with a cup of coffee or your morning oatmeal, or to add to baking and recipes. Learn More
  5. Milk Substitute - 30006 - Vance's DariFree® Original 6 bags x 828g

    Milk Substitute

    Vance's DariFree® Original  - A fresh rich, creamy taste very similar to milk and is an excellent source of calcium. It is free of Gluten, Lactose, Casein, Cholesterol, Rice, Soy, Egg and Fat. Medically acclaimed and widely used in treating food intolerances such as celiac, PKU, Crones, and Autism.

    Learn More

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